Our Museum Crate features puzzles based on fine art, archaeology, tombs, ruins and world travel. In this crate you will find several nested locked boxes. Answer puzzles, find clues, keys and combinations to open the boxes and complete your mission.

Our Museum Crate is $85 for cash or check ($88 for credit card orders). Order yours today!

This mystery puzzle adventure is for 1 or more players. Crates may be used alone, for small parties or multi-player fun. We expect game play to last from 5-10 person hours. (A person solving the crate alone will take 5-10 hours. A group of up to 6 people should be able to solve the crate in 2-3 hours.) All themes are suitable for all ages, but the difficulty level is designed for teens and adults or ambitious youngsters with a little help.

We have created this mystery puzzle adventure to be solvable without damaging or breaking any of the boxes, bags or items within. You do not need to cut anything, tear anything or otherwise damage any of the contents. If you find yourself stuck, please email us at for a hint.

This game is not linear; you will be moving back and forth to previous boxes, papers and items in order to solve the puzzles. Look at everything and keep careful track of what you have found! With logical thinking, deduction, and critical analysis of your items you will find all of the clues and accomplish your mission. We hope you enjoy your puzzle journey.

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