Had a blast! Very addictive and fun puzzle. Lots of swag to keep the little ones excited. Here is a picture after we unlocked box 1. Can't wait for the second series of puzzle crates. - Casey 

Great family fun solving these puzzles!!! Not easy, but satisfying when we figure things out! - Jennifer 

I just wanted to say Thank you again for a brilliant event yesterday. Everyone keeps telling me how much they enjoyed the event! 
- Karen (Microsoft Admin) 

OMG, so much fun and this is really something special you guys are onto. Thank you so much! I’ve already written up my recommendation for admins to buy these for morale events and have been passing your cards out. This gets a full recommendation from me. 
- Andrew (Microsoft manager) 


  1. Q1: Can the puzzle/game be played more than once? Are there multiple ways to play or is it a one time only game?

    Q2: Are each of the games about the same level of difficulty or is one more or less harder?

    Q3: If I order now will I get before Christmas?


    1. Q1: For each group of players, the game can be played once. After you play it once you will know the combinations on the locks, etc. But if you don't write on your papers and keep track of where everything goes, you can pack it back up and give it to another group of people to play again.

      Q2: Each box is about the same level of difficulty, but each has different types of puzzles, which can make it more or less difficult for an individual. For example, the Alien crate has math and science types of puzzles, steampunk has more codes and word puzzles, Museum has art and travel trivia and puzzles, and spy has ciphers and logic puzzles. So depending on which type of puzzles you are good at, each crate may be more or less difficult for you.

      Q3: We ship via USPS priority mail, so you should receive before christmas. If you are local to the seattle area, we can meet you to hand off.

      Hope that helps!

  2. How long does it take to play the game = approx?

    1. Each crate has about 10 hours of game play for one person. If a group of 5 plays together it usually takes about 2 hours to finish.

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