Thank you for your interest in Enigma Crate!

Enigma Crate is like an escape room in a box. Players open the lid to find a series of nested locked boxes. Using puzzles, hints and clues, players find keys, figure out combinations to open the locks and solve the mystery of the crate. 

Do you love to play games with family and friends?

Open an Enigma Crate Adventure for family game night, dinner parties with friends, and birthday parties. Crates are appropriate for all ages, but the difficulty is designed for ages teen to adult.

Are you looking for a unique activity for your corporate team?

Enigma Crates are a great choice for morale events, company parties, and team building activities. Everyone on your team from managers to administrative assistants to engineers will find a puzzle to suit their strengths. Click here for more info on Corporate Enigma Crate Experiences

Each theme - Alien, Steampunk, Museum and Spy -  presents a compelling story to enrich the adventure. Enigma Crate offers a challenging, exciting experience with something for everyone.  

Order your Enigma Crate today!

Enjoy your adventure!

The Enigma Crate Team


  1. I just bought the Museum escape room at the Philips arts and crafts fair. I am really excited and am looking forward to figuring it all out!

    1. Thank you for your purchase and comment! We are excited to hear how it goes for you. (FYI: the crate you bought was in a batch with a possible issue with a jigsaw in the crate. Some of the puzzles have pieces that may not fit together properly. Game play will not be affected by this. If you get one of these jigsaw puzzles with fit problems, please email us and we will send you a new puzzle.)

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